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1. For the review of product, please post it following the guideline shown below:
2. Review should be written in English.
3. Don't use offensive or abusive language. 
4. Don't leave any personal contact information such as e-mail address and phone numbers.
5. No Hyperlinks and URLs, which lead to other stores or resellers. Please note this applies to forum posts also.
6. Don't copy other's review. Please write your own experience or idea.
7. Don't reply to existing customer reviews. Please leave discussions to the forums.
8. Don't post question. Please post such queries in forums or support instead.
9. Please avoid price of product, because the price change very quickly.
10. Please make your review be informative. The overly simple review will be rejected. Such as: 'Good', 'I like it' or' Thank you'.
1. We check each review in 1 business day before posting it. We reserve the right not to post a review if it does not meet certain guidelines. Please read the review guidelines above carefully to ensure your review is appropriate for posting on
2. The reviews you left for the product will be very helpful for someone else in making an informed decision about the product while shopping for it. If you own the item, our reward BIC Coins will be added to your account when your review is listed as a way to thank you for sharing. We are unable to verify each one's ownership of this item, but you are welcome to post this review as it will still be helpful to others. We will also reward BIC Coins to them who are really experienced on this product and leave helpful reviews.
3. If your reviews are positive and helpful after we audit, we will reward the BIC Coins to your account directly.
1 x Text Review = 10 BIC Coins
1 x (Text Review + Image Posted) = 20 BIC Coins