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ClosetMate Tie Rack Hanger - Non-Slip With 360 Degree Rotation- 3 Pack

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Ties Are Here To Stay In western culture men have been wearing ties in some shape or form since the...
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Ties Are Here To Stay In western culture men have been wearing ties in some shape or form since the 17th century. This decorative strip of fabric has always been synonymous with elegant and fashionable. The tie wearing trend may have come out of necessity but now-a-days this isn’t the case. Although the modern gent’s tie is by no means functional it still serves a purpose. Wearing a tie makes a statement about how you see yourself and how you want to be seen. A suit ensemble cannot be considered complete without a tie. A suit can only go from “casual” to “formal” with the addition of a tie. This small decorative accessory has a big impact on your overall look. It inspires respect in others and contributes to your own feel-good factor. Looking after your tie then automatically translates to caring about your image. The ClosetMate Tie Hanger insures your tie collection receives optimum Tender Loving Care when not in use. A creased tie is such an image downer. With this ingenious tie hanger all your ties are guaranteed to stay in pristine condition in one place and easy to access. The ClosetMate Tie Hanger is a creative tool designed to care for and elegantly display your tie collection. The tie hanger is ready for use as soon as you free it from its packaging. Absolutely no assembly is required. This premium quality product made from ABS resin plastic is durable and hard wearing. Never heard of ABS plastic? Well it’s the same tough material LEGO bricks are made off. Damage resistant and shock absorbing too your tie hanger (like LEGO bricks) will not bend or break easily. The non-slip clips at either end offer excellent grip and keeps your ties firmly in place without leaving any dents or marks on the fabric. Easy to slip onto hanger and remove makes this an awesome tie storage solution. You’ll never have to worry about ties slipping off and ending up on the floor or on your closet shelf. All your favorite ties nice n’ neat in one location where they can always be found. Being light in weight makes transporting or traveling with this item very convenient. With measurements of 11 x 5 x 2 inches this hanger can fit into most carry-on luggage too. Now when you travel you can take you tie collection with you allowing for a wider range to choose from. Each hanger securely holds up to twenty ties without any overlapping. Twenty individual slots providing wrinkle free tie storage. Imagine opening your closet and viewing that neat display of ties. It’ll make choosing the right tie so much faster and simpler. No more sifting through drawers or bags to find the right one from a jumble of tangled knotted ties. Each hanger is designed with an identical rack on either side each featuring ten tie clips. This provides an equal distribution of weight and prevents any imbalances to one side. Furthermore your tie hanger comes with a 360 degree rotating hanger hook and side by side movable racks that conveniently swivel back and forth for easy hanging and access. The rotating hanger hook hangs directly on any closet rod or can be suspended from hinged hooks behind a door or on a wall. Perfect for compact spaces this tie hanger can be put in a tight spot and still accommodate. Just rotate hanger hook for a quick overview or swivel racks for an even better look at your ties.


  • Our Strong ClosetMate Hangers Hold up to 20 ties space-saving and tidying up your closet. (Ties pictured not included)
  • Perfect to be hung from a standard closet rail hook size up to 1.15inches.
  • The cool design works with a cross X hanger just turn 2 sides rack back and forth to X shape keep your ties neatly displayed and organized.
  • Fingertip 360-degree rotation provides for easy selection.
  • Comes in 3 PCS black color. No overlapping each tie has a clip to keep it in place.


90 Day Warranty




ClosetMate Tie Rack Hanger - Non-Slip With 360 Degree Rotation- 3 Pack
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